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The skills and techniques needed for voiceover vary enormously and the range of voice needed is huge! You are shy to be in front of the camera or famous star fed up of being camera ready all the time — The Voice Over world is less interest on how you look and what perfume you are wearing — it demands of you only one thing and one thing only: Your voice — you are gifted with voice acting and passionate about of doing voiceovers provide us with a voice.

Your Voice over professionals audio work can be any of the following:
Announcers can be heard introducing segments of live television or radio broadcasts such as; award shows, talk shows, continuity, promo and sporting events.

Narrators often specialize in audio books, documentaries, explainer videos, educational videos, business videos, medical videos and act as audio tour guides.

Voice Actors are heard performing in animated movies, TV cartoons, radio dramas, ADR, video games, puppet shows and in foreign language dubbing.

Voiceover Artists are versatile performers, able to weave interchangeably between any of the above as well as direct telephone prompts (IVR), they can be heard welcoming visitors to a website, or guiding road trips as the voice of a GPS.

Voice Talent refers to the all of the above. The term was coined as an easy way to reference all types of voice-over performers and is often used by agencies or companies that hire voice overs.

The following are some of the range work in voice acting:
• films
• dubbed foreign language films
• animation shorts or films
• tv programs
• commercials
• radio or audio dramas
• video games
• audiobooks
• live events
• awards shows
• toys and games
• vehicle and transportation
• documentaries
• phone message and IVR
• promos
• trailers
• training / e-learning
• podcasts

What you sometimes encounter in your daily basis:
• telephony – such as voice prompts and on-hold messages
• Telephone voice prompts and on-hold messages
• the voice between TV programs
• Toys voices when you press the buttons such as Buzz Lightyear or Legos or The Happy Feet!

Go ahead and submit to us your voice over demo of about 2 to 2.5 minutes maximum of any of the above mentioned to our agency main email:

For all trained talents that are looking for Principal representation, please submit to our adult agency:

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